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WordPress Design Studio.
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WP Design Studio (WPDS) is a web design and development studio based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with its main support team based in Jakarta, Indonesia and also other parts of the world.

WPDS is a self funded startup by a bunch of web designer, web developer and business developer who has great passion in web design and development. We strive to deliver excellent quality of service for our clients and partners.

The “WP” stands for WordPress which is one of the most famous and open source content management system that we used as a prime solution for our client’s website, blog and portal. For more info about WordPress, do check out WordPress.org.

As for “Design Studio”, pretty straight forward rite? It just means we are web design and development studio. Studio? Why not design firm or house? We would like to keep it that way as we are not bunch of folks who sits in the office or software house to deliver our work.

In fact, some of us likes to travel and work remotely in any parts of the world as every place or location will give us fresh ideas and inspiration to design and develop fantastic work.

Surprise with our tagline???

“We are happy and highly passionate WordPress Design Studio”

Since all of us are friends,we are happy and passionate in what we do. Most important is, we enjoy with getting our hands dirty with designing, coding, web setup & management.

WP Design Studio Core Values:

  • We offer competitive price with excellent quality of services in terms of web design and development.
  • We are happy as long as our clients is happy with our services provided.
  • We are committed to provide user friendly, simple web management solution to our clients no matter for self or fully managed services.
  • We support open source community particularly WordPress and will contribute by any means to educate our client and partner about the advantage of open source.

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